The Best of Fall Fishing

With November closing in fast, the last week of October had some hot and heavy bass fishing. Rain from three tropical depressions skirted Western North Carolina that made some local rivers unfishable and put others at great flow for a float trip. So… we set out targeting big bass on one of my favorite flows around Asheville, NC. Most fish stuck crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and keitech swimbaits during the float trip. Midday fishing was on fire. At one point my client caught 4-5 smallies on back to back casts using a Gary Yamamoto custom spinnerbait (all white w/ 2 white willow leaf blades). That spinnerbait was whacking bass over shallow water, sunny rocks, and ledges.  

The two biggest bass were both Spotted bass, kinda a surprise for me. We haven’t seen many spots in this watershed the last couple years. We did try out a new Rapala® RipStop™  in  Sneaky Pete color, which a 20+ inch Spotted Bass munched within the first 20 casts of using the bait out of the package! The lure has an interesting action and worth a look into (you’re going to want to change the poor factory hooks out after the first bass mangles them up though.)


This is fall river fishing at it’s best, with the biggest four bass this day being over 11+pounds in total weight! Fishing the “sunny side” spots with rocky deeper areas nearby seemed to be the days best patten. The flashy colors like white still produced the most strikes in my opinion. What a great of the year time to be on the river drifting into the colorful depths of fall.

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  1. David says:

    Awesome day fishing!

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