Big Winter Smallmouth

We started out fishing for Musky on a weekend in February. However, it wasn’t my day for musky…  We were coming up on the rocky section of the river which is better for smallmouth. So we pulled off to a river campsite, made a campfire, and switched over our gear. Back on the water, two casts later… thump, thump… and the scream of the drag! She put up a good fight and we landed her!  We caught her on a z-man finesse shroomz jig head with a 412baitco grub in river raider color. I love these grubs… they are so simple and easy to use. Once you figure out your technique and presentation, the fish love them.  After snapping all appropriate pics and video footage, we were anxious to get her back in the water. We didn’t get a real time measurement.. but we’re guessing 3.5lb fish. What do you think?   z-man finesse shroomz jig head

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