Jordan Lake Bass and Crappie Fishing

Headed east (to Pittsboro) this weekend to work on a few modifications to a new fishing rig for mountain rivers. After getting my new boat looking good and making a quick test run in my sisters pond, we had a chance to do a little spring fishing at Jordan Lake. Decided to hit one of Jordan’s impoundments with a canoe in search of some crappie. Having no clue what stage they were in, we started in some flooded timber in 8ft of water (jigs tipped w/ minnows 6ft under a cork kinda drifting around). On the first cast I picked up a monster slab, close if not my personal best for crappie. After two hours and only a few more bites we switched gears and moved shallow with small crank baits searching for crappie and bass. Found out quickly the bass were shallow and hammering fire-tiger and charturce cranks run long ways down the bank or tossed in pockets and ripped out. We both put decent bass in the boat with my last fish being around 3lbs.



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