Low Water Bass Float Trip

It was a wild, tough, and incredible day of fishing on the river; I’d say the best day of this season so far. This past Tuesday, I had two gentlemen on my boat bass fishing a local river, one being a Navy veteran. The river levels have been really low all of June and into July, with an occasional thunder shower to murk the low water. This day was the lowest I’d seen the river in a few years. I had to walk/push the boat a lot, but this also meant big bass and lots of fish in small easy to target holes/runs. We caught fish on white topwater baits right off the bat and this continued all day. Some fish fell for white plastics and white swimbaits caught a ton of fish too. We ended the day with a total of 5 bass over 18’’ and too many other nice fish to count… Fishing is at it’s finest!

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