Mid-Saturday Float on the Tuck

Fishing Update:

My FiancĂ© just landed a job and moved up to the Mountain’s near Asheville were I have been living and working for two years in the public school system. She brought some good fishing luck with her, including landing a 18 1/2 inch Brown on the first trip out to the river (and first cast too). Her Grandmother purchased fishing waders as a gift for graduating from UNC… and she twisted my arm to take her out fishing. Since then we have floated a 3 mile section of the Tuck twice over the last two Saturday’s. It’s be a great fishing. All trips catching lots of nice trout. The first time we floated we caught over 25 trout in 3 hr’s time, only keeping the gut hooked or larger trout to eat, most being rainbows. Yesterday we were able to catch 15-18 trout over the same period of time, with more Brookies mixed in the bag. We have been using a variety of methods to put fish in the boat, including fly-fishing (mostly woolly buggers), in-line spinner’s (silver and white with black dots working well), and bumping some worms on the bottom. All have been somewhat equally effective baits to catch fish. We have boated a couple smallies and rock bass on the worms too. With all the recent rains the rivers been a little murky and high so picking a time when the west-fork is not running is best for paddling and fishing. We have been floating mid-day when the west-fork cut off at 8am that morning and drops in the delayed harvest waters by noon.



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