Tons of River Fishing!!! Mid-October around Asheville NC…

With fairly consistent water levels and weather recently, I had the chance to hit the waters hard over the last weekend. I fished with my wife on Sunday and my good friend Cory on Saturday, both trips were on the French Broad River. These trips produces good varieties of fish including many smallmouth bass, bream, one musky 14in., rock bass red-eyed, and one 18 3/4in. Rainbow Trout on a mepps in-line spinner. The in-spinner moving quickly across holes was the key to good takes from sm bass. A few nice fish fell for the rubber bass jig with kicker legs. And a three decent fish came off a suspending hard minnow bait , jerked rapidly through deeper holes near shore. None to topwater at all..


Separately, I fished the Tuckasseggee River the end of last week below the delayed harvest area, and did really well with smaller in-line Bass Pro spinner’s that looked like little trout patterns. Caught 13 trout within the mid morning hours. Also, used a small B-pro-wee hard bait crawfish pattern with green on top and orange belly bottom. Trout love a small crawfish pattern with a constant retrieve across runs.














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