River2Sea Topwater Surprise

I received a River2Sea Bubble Walker 80 3″ in one of those online Tackle Grab boxes (got a 3 month subscription for a gift). It was the all white one and at first I thought they must giveaway the colors that don’t sell well. I liked the design, but wasn’t sure I’d find an application for the popper (never fished an all white popper before). On the local flow we have been seeing a lot of baitfish action and they have been about 2 1/2 in.-3in. white/silverish minnows. Heard a report that pear white flukes had been working well to match the hatch. I thought man I bet that white popper thing might do the trick too and tied it on. Within the first five minutes I knew that I had struck gold, WHITE gold!! Ended up putting at least 20+ bass in the boat by noon on the topwater… and left them biting! Two decent smallies and two solid LM rounded off the best fish of the day. Even the fat bream were smashing it.

Goes to show that you never know when a lure will present the perfect application at the right time, never count them out.



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