Thanksgiving in FLORIDA!

We decided that it had been “long enough” since we’d seen Lynae’s grandparents in FL (and too long since we’d caught some Butterfly Peacock Bass in South Florida waters, West Little Havana) So… we left NC and drove 14 hours to their house in Pembroke Pines, near Rainbow lakes. As we were driving down, a cold front (the years second arctic blast to hit the southeast for 2014) hits south Florida. Wonderful. So we stocked up on super slow presentations: drop shot, jigs, suspending cranks, and a worm box was ready. We did have a pretty good topwater session for 45 mins one night catching 7-8 smaller bass. For the most part drop-shot slow presentation worms/shaky and bright spinnerbaits caught most fish.

We had access to a great canoe to fish from the whole time and took it on our new SUV’s roof rack for the first time (worked out great). The lake we stayed on produced better peacocks this year and the place we were hoping was on fire with big fish was almost empty of all types of fish compared to last year. We did pull out the biggest peacock from a public fishing lake in West Little Havana, but we really had to work for the very few fish we managed in over a half day of paddling in strong winds.

And then… there was the one that got away. A close to 10lb Large Mouth Bass. I hooked it on the drop-shot in deep water in the middle of the lake. Watched it jump twice, pulled it in on it’s side toward the canoe. It came within a foot of the net my wife was holding, then thrashed once more and we lost it.

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