The Summer of January

Looked at the weather and couldn’t resist dropping the boat in on a local rocky-river flow. This winter has been super mild except for one cold snowy week. Water temps were pushing lower 50’s and the bass had turned on pre-spawn feeding at this point! It was unreal to see mid-winter bass rocket out of the water three or more times during a fight. Water temps had their metabolism up, these fish were hungry and ready to fight.

A typical winter pattern of looking for deeper slow water near rocky structure proved most successful. Often the bass would be sitting close to current lines and breaks in the deepest part of the eddy or run.

I only used one lure all day….   412Baitco. 3.5 in. grub in greensicle and green pumpkin special color on a Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ ned-head jig. These plastic grubs are unmatched in quality, softness, action, and flash. The river raider color is my favorite and has helped me catch multiple trophies late fall and winter. Paired with the ned-head jig this is a deadly bait to bump across river bottom. The bait looks great when allowed to fall freely and often catches fish on the first drop. If you haven’t checked out 412baits, you’re missing out on fish! They are found at and

Such an exciting start to the New Year! 2017 is going to a great fishing year!

Already accepting bookings for weekends in March and April! Come do a Smallmouth Bass or Musky float with us this Spring!



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  1. Lynae says:

    Nice Catch!

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