The Weekend Warrior: Epic Fishing Trip

My wife and I went to battle this past weekend, with some trophy fish on private water. We got a unique opportunity to catch a variety of species in one watershed. I had to prepare for a couple of days in advance knowing all of the different species of fish I would be targeting. I was able to add a new species to the list, a Micropterus Cataractae or Shoal Bass. Which was really cool to see up close and personal and really reminded me to fish the fast turbulent water better. Those fish would sit in the first two feet of a run bubbly foam and all and crank your bait when it went by. By doing a little research I noticed they took flashier/larger baits and that proved true on this trip.

The highlight of the trip was getting into a pod of fat Striped Bass on light in-shore tackle (10-25lb. class fish). We caught 6 back to back in the matter of an hour with a short lunch break in between. They were “really” loving the River2Sea S-waver for sure. (Same lure that the Musky fell for this spring.) Sometimes they would hit the bait as soon as it touched down on the water and start going berzerk; thrashing about in the run on the hookset! Intense for sure, almost nerve racking prior to the cast, knowing it was coming within seconds with the next twitch of the lure.

Add in the “extras” into that mayhem, including a 4-5 lb. Rainbow Trout, 4lb.+ Channel Catfish, ┬áLargemouth Bass, Bream, and an occasional Gar bite. You have the making for one of the best and most epic adventures so far this year! Enjoy the beautiful photos and HD GoPro footage (coming soon)!


Tight Lines,


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