Topwater and River Smallies

I’ve been floating and bass fishing a few new sections of local flows close to home. I have also been experimenting with some new soft plastics made by 412baitco. Smallmouth bass fishing is really on fire in WNC and the topwater bite has turned ON! I mostly have been fishing the afternoon hours from 4ish till dark. Most bass are falling for anything white and flashy like, fluke type baits, bone white Rapala’s, river2sea whopperploppers, and the staple white Kietech swimbait (3.5in is the best).Yesterday’s after work float netted well over 20 fish and really turned on around 7pm. The last two trips the big ones have gotten away both on the same rig (river drop shot) once by throwing the hook (clip in video section) and yesterday by hanging me up on the bottom. My fishing buddies are always surprised when I tell them I drop shot in the river. I’ve found it works great if fished correctly, I make short casts into shallow water eddies/holes and bounce it around for a few seconds and then flip at the next hole. I think a little current sometimes helps the DS bait look more natural facing it upstream in the current. Can’t beat a setup that allows you to hold the bait in the strike zone for as long as you want. Now, I just got to figure out how to bring the big fish to the boat…



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