Two Rivers One Day

Fished two rivers today, the Tuck and French. Was on the Tuck by 7:50am in Webster floating the delayed harvest section. Caught about ten trout between the two of us in a couple hours on flies. Not great numbers but, three of the fish were over 15in. so I can’t complain to much. Woolly Buggers, and worm patterns caught all the fish. I was home by noon.

Was on the French in the late afternoon floated from 5-7pm. MY wife fished the Mepps in-line spinner and totally out fished me. (I was using jigs, crank baits) She landed two fat bass and a few red-eye’s. I missed one fish on the jig and didn’t have much luck that trip. In the best hole of that float, Lynae lands a sweet cast nearshore and gets hammered by one the second turn on the reel. The Big fish of the trip for sure, she fought it for a good four min’s before it decided to take off down stream like a freight train. We were anchored up and it got the angle on her and pulled off. We never seen what it was, i guessing a hefty smallie, didn’t fight like a Musk.

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