Waterville Lake Crappie

Convinced my wife that our fishing plans needed a “Crossfit Challenge” so we headed to the White Community and newer public launch for Walter’s Lake (as the sign reads). I’ve heard this lake referred to as Blackwater Lake, Walter’s Lake, and on Google maps as Waterville Lake off Highway I-40W. The launch is interesting because it’s a 1/4 -1/2 mile trek up and down a mountain on an old logging road. We were carrying our new inflatable 12ft. craft (loaded with gear). Once we got on the water, we immediately picked up a nice half lb. slab of a crappie, and then proceeded to catch 5 more and one dink bass. The water was a little stained in some areas and the crappies were not as tight as I had wished. We were catching all over the place (random places and spread out); you would only catch one and maybe get a second nibble then have to move. We were getting very soft bites mostly and missed a few fish for sure. Tried for bigger bass with a few experimental baits with no luck, the one we managed was caught on an in-line spinner in the very back of a cove. After eating lunch in a sweet mtn. cove, I adjusted lures slightly and made one cast from the bank with a spinner I had just tied on and got bit half way back. The in-line spinner caught one crappie also and all the rest fell for jigs in a multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes. Couldn’t really pin down what they wanted best.


Really enjoyed the paddling and waterfalls and not so much the hike back out afterwards.




2 comments on “Waterville Lake Crappie
  1. David Brown says:

    Just wanted to let you know there is an easier launch on private property down the road from the public. It is a steep ramp and cost $10 bucks a truck but it would keep you from having to hike a 1/2 a mile. I have had some awesome success at Waterville with crappie but I mainly target the largemouth bass. If you would like more information on the private launch or fishing at waterville just let me know.

    • Neal says:

      Thanks for the tip David. I’ve heard there is another launch, we just haven’t checked it out yet. I will let you know if I need more info.

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